Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited is a part of the Indiabulls Ventures group, which is a prominent financial services company providing brokering, lending and wealth management businesses, amongst other businesses. Its Promoter, Indiabulls Ventures Limited, was incorporated in 1995; and its long standing presence in financial services has enabled them to establish “Indiabulls” as a recognized brand in the financial services sector. In order to ensure expansion of the Company’s lending operations, the Promoter has infused funds periodically in the form of equity in the Company

Issue Details


Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited

Issue opens

4th February, 2019

Issue closes

4th March, 2019


First Come First Serve Basis

Issue Price

Rs. 1,000 per NCD



Application Mode

Compulsorily ASBA

Credit ratings

"CARE AA; Stable / BWR AA+"


Link Intime India Pvt Limited

Nature of Instrument:

Secured Redeemable Non-Convertible Debentures

Minimum Application:

Rs.10,000 (10 NCD)

Issue Size:

Base Issue of Rs. 2,500 million with an option to retain oversubscription up to Rs. 27,500 million aggregating up to 30,000,000 NCDs amounting to Rs. 30,000 million (“Tranche I Issue Limit”) (“Tranche I Issue”) which is within the Shelf Limit of Rs. 30,000 million.

Offer break up:

Category allocation Amount in Crs - Base Issue Amount in Crs - Total Issue
QIB 20% 50 600
Corporate 20% 50 600
HNI 30% 75 900
Retail 30% 75 900
Total 100% 250 3000


Effective Yield:

Series Frequency of Interest Payment Tenor Coupon (%) for all Investor categories* Effective Yield (per annum) (Approx.) for all Investor categories* Redemption amount (Rs. per NCD)
I Annual 26 months 10.75% 10.75% Rs. 1,000.00
II Cumulative 26 months NA 10.75% Rs. 1,248.02
III Monthly 38 months 10.40% 10.90% Rs. 1,000.00
IV Annual 38 months 10.90% 10.91% Rs. 1,000.00
V Cumulative 38 months NA 10.90% Rs. 1,388.30
VI Monthly 60 months 10.50% 11.01% Rs. 1,000.00
VII Annual 60 months 11.00% 10.99% Rs. 1,000.00
VIII Cumulative 60 months NA 11.00% Rs. 1,686.26